Samuel Brozina
Samuel Brozina

Samuel Brozina States That Ukrainian Easter Eggs May Be a Good Relief From Covid-19 Stress

Samuel Brozina is a very gifted young man who has become a respected member of his community, mainly known for his love of aviation. However, others may know Samuel Brozina for his beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs. He has long been an avid lover of this art form and believes that others in his community may appreciate them as a stress relief option during Covid-19.

What are Ukrainian Easter Eggs? Samuel Brozina Explains

Samuel Brozina states that many people have likely seen Ukrainian Easter Eggs at some point in their lives because they are among the most popular and well-known of all Easter Eggs types. Some people may call them Czech, Polish, or Romanian eggs, but the unique decorating style comes from Ukraine. Samuel Brozina says that they are also called pysanky, which, in the Ukrainian language, means to write.

Historians believe that these eggs were once a form of communication and a critical form of religious symbolism in Ukraine, particularly among pre-Christian religions. Ceramic Ukrainian Easter Eggs from ancient times show similar decorations, Samuel Brozina states, and are among the most beautiful types of artwork to come out of this part of the world.

These eggs caught the imagination of  Brozina at a young age, and he has used them to express his creativity for many years. He finds that painting them brings not only a great sense of creation but also plenty of anxiety relief. As a result, Samuel Brozina believes that more people should get into this practice. And he has a few tips that he believes may make this process go more smoothly.

Ukrainian Easter Egg Painting Tips From Samuel Brozina

First of all, Samuel Brozina suggests that those interested in painting these eggs check out various art books to see the types of designs utilized on past eggs. Newcomers can emulate these looks as best as they can before they start expanding their techniques. Patience, Samuel Brozina, is critical because creating a real Ukrainian Easter Egg will take days of steady painting to do right.

And he suggests integrating religious symbols that mean something relevant to the artist. As an active member of his local church, he believes that the spiritual significance of these eggs should not be downplayed. Though it is is possible to paint these eggs without being a Christian, possessing this faith makes the process more rewarding, Samuel Brozina believes.

Lastly, he suggests making this activity a group or family one. There’s nothing like creating artwork with family members, he says, and creating these beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs can bring families closer together and relieve anxiety. And that kind of relief is something Brozina knows everybody needs during these upsetting days. He suggests displaying these eggs long after they have been painted or even creating ceramic options that make this display last longer.

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