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Samuel Brozina - Broad Range of Hobbies And Interests

Samuel Brozina Showcases Broad Range of Hobbies And Interests

Aviation enthusiast, choir singer, and hobby artist Samuel Brozina shares a personal insight into his interests. From piloting his own vintage aircraft to singing in his church’s choir, landscaping service foreman Samuel Brozina’s wide range of hobbies and interests also includes the traditional art of Ukrainian Easter egg dying. A licensed pilot from Millville, New Jersey native […]

Samuel Brozina

Samuel Brozina Lands Himself Rare Classic Aircraft

Licensed pilot Samuel Brozina secures rare ERCO Ercoupe from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. One of only around 1,000 ERCO Ercoupe aircraft still registered to fly, pilot and landscaping service foreman Samuel Brozina has landed himself something of a rare find, recently scooping up a good example of the low-wing monoplane aircraft from a seller in Quakertown, […]

Samuel Brozina Reveals Passion for Traditional Art

Amateur artist and qualified pilot Samuel Brozina offers a personal insight into his love of dyeing Ukrainian Easter eggs. Requiring patience and a steady hand, Samuel Brozina credits his passion for dyeing traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs with bringing him closer to his Ukrainian family roots. A traditional hobby enjoyed annually by the amateur artist and his father, […]

Samuel Brozina - Proud Owner of ERCO Ercoupe

Samuel Brozina Becomes Proud Owner of ERCO Ercoupe

 Licensed pilot Samuel Brozina discusses becoming the proud owner of an ERCO Ercoupe low-wing monoplane aircraft. A rare find among American designed and built aircraft, and now out of production for almost 50 years, the ERCO Ercoupe was originally marketed as the airplane which anyone could fly. With Samuel Brozina one of the latest individuals to get […]