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Samuel Brozina explains civil category of aviation

Licensed pilot Samuel Brozina explains civil aviation, one of the two main categories of flying, both commercial and private.   Representing all non-military air travel, the civil category of aviation includes both private and commercial flying. A licensed pilot from Millville, NJ, Samuel Brozina, a lifelong aviation enthusiast and the proud owner of an ERCO […]

Samuel Brozina Looks Back on History of Eerospace and Defense Manufacturer Engineering and Research Corporation

Licensed Pilot and Ercoupe Owner Samuel Brozina Shares a Brief History of Former Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer Engineering and Research Corporation, or ERCO Founded almost 90 years ago, Engineering and Research Corporation, more commonly known as ERCO, was an aerospace and defense manufacturer famed for designing the ERCO Ercoupe, a low-wing monoplane aircraft beloved by […]

Samuel Brozina Explains Odyssey of The Mind

Millville Senior High School graduate and former OotM team member Samuel Brozina offers a closer look at the creative problem-solving program. A creative problem-solving program for students from kindergarten through college, Odyssey of the Mind sees team members work together to solve predefined long-term problems before presenting their solutions in a competitive environment. Now a […]